Jackson: First to Rock


FirstConcert2016The Carnegie started life as a library, it was a place where silence was expected.  But today the Carnegie has a different role to play.
We have hundreds of priceless guitars on display at the Carnegie Museum here in Jackson, Tennessee.  (Click on the poster above so you can see it!) They sit quietly on display locked behind glass… silent for years since Carl Perkins and Sonny Boy Williamson, WS Holland and many others, made them play some of the most innovative music ever created.
What if we dusted them off and summoned the music that is inside each of these instruments?  What if we invited YOU to come and hear this?  You might see a ghost, but more important you will experience a moment in Jackson’s history that you may remember forever.  For sure you’ll see Ricky Ray and hear some blues come from our musical instruments, it’s the music we grew up on, coming to life again.
Help us bring this music alive again at the Carnegie.  February 5, 2016 7:00 PM — Tune in to The Bill Way Show – WNWS – 101.5 FM 8:00-11:00 AM Weekdays for more details.

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