America’s roots music preservation begins with a screen door slam, a beer and a plate of BBQ.    Aubrey Preston’s one-man mission to save America’s music culture, its historic buildings, shacks and stories is an international movement to provide an accurate guide for visitors from foreign lands. .. searchers from the British Isles, France or […]

Isaac Tigrett grew up in Jackson, Tennessee a place half way between Memphis and Nashville where hope, music and the human spirit thrive together. In his early career Mr. Tigrett’s focus was on the evolution of music and pop culture and their impact on society. At the age of 22 he created the world famous […]

Isaac Tigrett grew up in Jackson, Tennessee and was deeply touched by the music of West Tennessee and the South. He is best known for creating and then building two of the most recognizable brands ever created: The Hard Rock Café and The House of Blues. A series of life changing events, the tragic death […]

SILENCE!! The Carnegie started life as a library, it was a place where silence was expected.  But today the Carnegie has a different role to play. We have hundreds of priceless guitars on display at the Carnegie Museum here in Jackson, Tennessee.  (Click on the poster above so you can see it!) They sit quietly […]

Randy Williams asked his wife, Sandy, to go with him to hear Carl Perkins in 1993 at a small venue in Jackson, TN called The Bandstand.  Carl told his stories and sang his songs to the audience that night.  It was immediately apparent to Randy that Carl Perkins had written some of the most important […]