The pin is not for sale but we intend to give them away to celebrate the founding the the first Hard Rock Cafe in London in 1971, by Issac Tigrett.

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About Carnegie Legends

In the alleys and the honkytonks of Jackson, TN a rich mixture of country music, blues and moonshine created the setting for the first rock music ever heard on planet earth.  It was written and played in Jackson, long before we recorded it… in Memphis.  Rock and Blues is somehow in the air here, how else could you explain Jackson as the source for The Hard Rock Cafe and The House of Blues?  Jackson was the site of the first Hard Rock Cafe in America, launched by a hometown boy, Isaac Tigrett.  And you can revisit this magic and touch the greatness, standing at ground zero for the birth of Rock and Roll.

Carnegie Legends – 305 East College – Jackson, TN – 38301 — 731-410-8621